Business continuity plan


Our experts have devised a high-level list of things your plan will need to cover, to make sure your business continues through an emergency:

  1. Is your business critical data securely backed-up and located in multiple places?

    From ensuring computer safety, ie you have safe and secure backups to redirecting large quantities of customer traffic to alternate datacenters located in other geographic areas, you’ll need to make sure your business critical information and processes won’t be wiped out in an emergency.

  2. Which staff members will still be required to continue working?

    In some instances, certain staff members who are experts at operating equipment or machinery will be required to continue working through a disaster. For other business types, knowing the minimum number of staff needed to perform critical functions is also good to know in advance.

  3. Which stakeholders are likely to continue interacting with your business?

    Take, for example, a financial institution that has no physical branches and promises round-the-clock electronic banking. Stakeholders will expect to continue banking, regardless of emergencies or disasters on your end.

  4. Which stakeholders does your business depend on?

    Furthermore, you’ll need to identify what stakeholders your business relies on and alternative options if their business is struck by a disaster. For example, you rent trucks from Company A on a regular basis – if they are out of business for some time, you’ll need to know you can count on someone else.

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