Increased threats, like bomb scares and terrorism alerts, are on the rise. Being prepared for all scenarios is more essential than ever.

We help businesses achieve building security through intruder detection and access control systems that protect a building’s occupants and physical assets. Risk managers might find the following articles useful when building their case to acquire funding for their projects.

Exterior shot of building that meets fire safety standards.Exterior shot of building that meets fire safety standards.

Safe evacuation – Business continuity

In this white paper we explore a series of case studies that highlight just how costly...

Neglecting the safety of the people in the building you are responsible for can lead to reputational damage. In this white paper we explore a series of case studies that highlight just how costly reputational damage can be.

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Building interior featuring high ceilings and fire safety measures.

Legal requirements around emergency evacuation

A high level guide on the plans organizations make to evacuate groups of people and...

As a person responsible for an organization or public space, the following overview should be familiar to you, and cover all the elements you already have in place. Since the regulations and laws state the importance of evacuating all people who may be in your building, it’s essential your staff members are fully trained and your personal evacuation procedures are up-to-date. Please note, the following is just a high level guide to help you get started, on what is typically a large subject. If you have any specific questions, or would like to know more about anything in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts. Safety training In addition to regular fire...

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