Protecting physical assets


You will need a plan to make sure your people are trained on evacuation procedures. And you’ll need to make sure your emergency equipment is ready to work in an emergency.

Here is a checklist for your consideration:

  1. Are your notification systems integrated into building management systems or other emergency systems?

    If you have advanced notification systems, they can be integrated into building management systems and even the systems of local authorities – including weather bureaus, police and fire services. For example, do you know exactly how long it will be before a fire crew finds out about your emergency? Also, do you know how quickly your people will be notified? Whether the length of time is in seconds or minutes or hours, it’s good to know these figures ahead of time.

  2. Do you have physical substances in your premises that require additional planning and protection?

    If you stock fuel or physical substances like chemicals that are required in your factories, special consideration will need to be taken when planning to protect these substances.

  3. Do you have plans to secure and protect your building if part of it becomes damaged?

    If part of your building is damaged, do you have plans to secure the building while it undergoes repair? For example, many business report robberies when damaged by disasters.

  4. Are you conducting regular monthly, quarterly or yearly tests of your emergency equipment?

    Simulated, automatic and manual testing are all valid ways of checking on your emergency equipment and making sure it’s ready to work.

  5. Are the consumable parts of your emergency equipment still ready to work?

    Are all your batteries fully charged and do all your lights work properly? It’s important to regularly check all emergency equipment.

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