Future thinking


With buildings now more technologically sophisticated than ever before, and more people travelling to new and unfamiliar places, it’s important to know how safe evacuation technologies are constantly evolving.

Smart buildings

A key trend for future office buildings is that they will become smarter. As part of a wider move towards integrated smart city networks that monitor and optimise energy supply and demand across a city, buildings will use sensors and control systems to adapt to changing weather conditions and occupancy levels in real time.

Connected cities

The connected city and the power of data should mean better information for threat analysis and response. The devices we all increasingly carry around, such as smartphones and wearables, link us in to this information flow and can offer guidance to direct us away from the hazard threatening the safety in a building.

Dynamic sign technology and routing control

Another technological trend is dynamic sign technology and routing control. As a response to the limitations of static exit lightning, where the exit routes take no account of the actual nature of the risk, a practical dynamic signage system is more responsive to a given hazard. In the event of an incident, this system will be able to indicate the best evacuation route, as well as block access to dangerous zones.

It’s time to be proactive

Building owners today have a plethora of new products available to safeguard their occupants. In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, the key to safeguarding occupants is proactivity. From updating the right evacuation product to suit the profile of a building, to ensuring proper maintenance of that bespoke product, it’s vital that building owners act rather than react. Regulations and laws state the importance of evacuating all people who may be in your building and that all staff members are fully trained and that your personal evacuation procedures are up-to-date.

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