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Being prepared for an emergency is an essential part of running a large organization. What’s more, plans need to be regularly reviewed as team members change and the organization grows.

The responsibility for good BCM ultimately falls on the shoulders of people at the top of an organization and we’ve found, by working closely with countless organizations, effective BCM happens when at least one individual at board level is appointed to be responsible for co-ordinating the BCM capability.

Senior team leaders also need to be appointed and trained to ensure plans are carried out correctly if an emergency situation were to break out. All those who are appointed to the BCM capability in your organization will need to meet on a regular basis, to keep plans current.

Plans to keep essential operations running

Identifying what parts of your business need to keep running in the event of a range of ‘what if’ scenarios is an essential first step when looking at business continuity. Our experts have gathered a checklist of things you’ll need to consider at this stage.

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Plans to maintain all physical assets

Do you have plans in place to ensure emergency equipment is regularly checked and replaced if faulty or past its date of expiration? What about toxic substances or materials in stock that could be dangerous – how do you plan to keep those safe in an emergency?

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Plans for business recovery

Do you have a contingency location for the days or weeks after a disaster? What about backup plans for your data and technology? It would also be wise to take some time to review any lessons from a disaster to put into new plans.

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Are you aware of all the latest advances in fire safety systems and emergency lighting for safe evacuation? Our seminars feature the latest information on fire safety technology, as well as health and safety regulations and legislation.

As for compliance, why not view our checklist? It will help you discover areas of improvement when it comes to safe evacuation.

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