Safety during power outages


Do you have procedures in place in the event of a power outage or attack? These days, many companies rely on fire safety procedures for these situations, however, as they are unique situations, it’s a good idea to consider devising plans specifically for these situations.

Specific things to consider during power outages
  • If the main power fails, make sure you have an independent backup power source like a UPS for critical business functions and a dedicated central battery system for emergency lighting.
  • Make sure all escape routes can be sufficiently lit using your backup power system to be used safely in an emergency.
  • Plan what additional assistance you may have to give to the vulnerable, such as disabled people and children.
  • Ensure all emergency exit signage is highly visible and easy to read even in low light conditions.
Specific things to consider during attacks
  • Make escape routes available and unobstructed at all times, avoiding the use of doors and gates at main exit points.
  • Once a major incident is declared, the police would normally assume full authority onsite, so it’s worth being prepared by nominating a senior team member to act as a liaison officer.
  • If possible, identify where you can evacuate people to a point of relative safety, before moving them to a place of total safety.

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