Emergency lighting at Emirates Stadium


Home to Arsenal Football Club, the Emirates Stadium is renowned as a first-class sporting venue. After a competitive tender, we were chosen to install an emergency lighting system.


We had to consider how to ensure a reliable, high quality lighting system would guide tens of thousands of people to safety in the event of an emergency.


The project required standard mains fixtures to be incorporated into the emergency lighting scheme, delivering full brightness during the event of a power failure to facilitate safe exit from the stadium. To achieve this, a system was created comprising 42 individual static inverters to provide the high-quality 230V AC current required.

Sophisticated charging techniques are used to ensure battery life in the central battery units will last up to 10 years.

When the stadium was being designed and built, crowd safety was a paramount concern.


Installed at various locations throughout the stadium, central battery units were connected to hundreds of Eaton’s emergency luminaires and to any mains luminaires designated for emergency use.

Each central battery unit includes a bespoke Eaton emergency lighting testing system. The testing system minimises maintenance by automatically carrying out the requisite testing of the emergency luminaires under a mains power failure to comply with legal requirements. In addition to the emergency lighting system, Eaton also supplied a wide variety of luminaires from its range of mains lighting products, including fluorescent downlights, and high ingress protection (IP65), modular recessed luminaires, asymmetric wall-washer luminaires and fluorescent battens.


Furnishing the stadium with a reliable central battery emergency lighting system has helped to ensure the safety of all football supporters visiting Emirates Stadium. By employing sophisticated charging techniques, battery life in the central battery units is expected to be up to 10 years. When replacement does eventually become necessary, this will be a quick and simple process carried out away from public areas.

Our solution ultimately provided long-term cost benefits for such a large venue. Their new central battery system offers higher light output and reduced maintenance, both of which are significant advantages due to the high mounting heights of some of the emergency luminaires.

Central battery system: these are ideal for medium to large installations where central testing and control is required.
Emergency luminaire: a technical term for a complete electric emergency light unit. This could be a dedicated emergency light fitting or a mains light fitting which has been converted to also provide an emergency lighting function.
Static inverters: a system that converts stored battery power from a DC supply to an AC supply, to power emergency luminaires.
Luminaire: a technical term for a complete electric light unit.

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