Building technology, building automation, and safe evacuation procedures are just some of the hot topics making their way up boardroom agendas all over the world.

While health and safety legislation within the UK requires that organizations nominate a “responsible person” to ensure fire protection is in place in their premises, we believe every board level executive of every business should pro-actively consider themselves a “responsible person” when it comes to fire safety.

As a person of influence, responsible for the lives of people in your organization, make sure you’re up to speed on the following:

Equalities Act compliance

Alerting deaf and hard-of-hearing people in an emergency situation is a topic currently gaining momentum, as new and improved solutions become commercially available – like visual alarm devices and tactile devices, such as pagers or vibrating devices.

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Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

If you have five or more employees, you are required by law to carry out a fire safety risk assessment and must keep a written record of the assessment. Are your records up-to-date?

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Long term costs and maintenance

Choosing the right supplier of building technologies is crucial when designing end-to-end fire safety solutions. While purchasing quality devices may seem more costly at the start, very often maintenance costs are lower – thereby ensuring you pay less overall in the long run.

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How can we help?

Eaton’s lighting and safety business is BAFE accredited for both Fire (SP203-1) and Emergency Lighting (SP203-4) and can help you comply with the Regulatory Reform Order. As part of your risk assessment, we will perform an inspection of your emergency lighting system.

We’ll provide you with a report detailing where your system complies with regulations and/or any deficiencies, along with advice on the steps to take to ensure compliance.

To book your emergency lighting audit, please contact us: –
Phone: 01302303349

Future thinking

Smart addressing means the precise location of fires can be reported and emergency lighting can adapt to keep people away from the affected area and light up the safest way to exit a building. How up-to-date is your building technology, and where can you improve?

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Are you aware of all the latest advances in fire safety systems and emergency lighting for safe evacuation? Our seminars feature the latest information on fire safety technology, as well as health and safety regulations and legislation.

As for compliance, why not view our checklist? It will help you discover areas of improvement when it comes to safe evacuation.

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