Our certified emergency lighting solutions have a reputation for constancy and reliability.

From simple self-contained emergency luminaires through to self-checking systems and central battery emergency lighting systems that monitor luminaires, our experts have shared their knowledge on emergency lighting through the articles below.

Ground floor of a building that meets evacuation procedures.Ground floor of a building that meets evacuation procedures.

Safe evacuation – Trends and future

This white paper examines trends within commercial property and provides insight into...

The business and commercial landscape is changing. This white paper examines key trends within commercial property and provides further insight into how safe evacuation is critical to preserve your business.

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Eaton training brochures.

Accredited CPD seminars

Are you aware of all the latest advances in fire safety systems and emergency lighting...

We offer CPD accredited one-hour seminars, in addition to training that’s tailored to your specific business requirements. Our training sessions are on building systems related topics, that range from fire detection to emergency lighting. These are just some of the high quality training seminars offered by Eaton. You are welcome to attend these seminars at one of our training centres in the UK. Alternatively, we can send our training team to a location that suits you. By attending a seminar, participants can expect: Cutting-edge training from our highly qualified team, who will impart the latest knowledge to participants by demonstrating best-in-class practices Practical...

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