Risk assessment


If you have five or more employees, you are required by law to carry out a fire safety risk assessment and keep a written record of the assessment.

Regularly review your fire safety risk assessment

It’s important to remember that fire safety requirements change over time. For example, have you recently employed hard-of-hearing or disabled team members, that aren’t covered by your original plans? Has your building been modified recently, or extended in any way?

These are just a few changes that can significantly impact your level of fire safety risk. If it’s been a while since your last review, it’s essential for you to take time out and update your plans.

Professional risk assessment

When arranging a professional risk assessment, make sure your assessor is suitably qualified (eg BAFE qualified) and offers comprehensive information that covers:

  • Preparing emergency routes and exits – emergency preparedness
  • Assessing the need for fire detection, early warning systems and equipment
  • Planning to protect or remove dangerous substances
  • Evaluating the needs of vulnerable people and those with disabilities
  • Creating evacuation plans and evacuation procedures
  • Fire safety and fire warden training

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As for compliance, why not view our checklist? It will help you discover areas of improvement when it comes to safe evacuation.

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